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Jeffrey Scott Lawrence is an established jazz keyboardist and composer solo artist in the New York and New Jersey area. He currently has 6 CDs to his credit, his first one as the leader of a jazz quintet called the jteam, and four solo creations.

Below are 4 clips from three of his CDs, along with Jeffrey’s idea behind each of these songs, just to give you a taste to his style of jazz and a listen into the mind of a jazz pianist. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for the link to hear songs from his latest album GR2.

Check back soon as more songs will be added.

The Song List

Ashanti, from the 9-song CD album entitled Introducing the jteam. Ashanti is a song done in 6/8 rhythm, which is a pretty traditional African rhythm. Jeffrey wrote this song which is pretty open and modal and he wanted to dedicate it to an African tribe he had learned about in college called the Ashanti Tribe. Click below to listen to a clip of the song.


Some Times Never, from the 4-song CD entitled Demo. This song was a concept of mixing jazz & hip hop. It was one of the first songs of many to come, done within this musical genre mixed concept. Jeffrey wanted the song to have a catchy melody, a very danceable rhythm, but yet still maintain a jazz improvisational style. Click below to listen to a clip of the song.


Funny How Time Flies, from the 7-song CD album entitled Blues for Erica. Jeffrey always liked that Janet Jackson song, and to his knowledge he believes the song was done by only one other artist but never done in swing-time. So Jeffrey set out to do his own creation of the song in a swing-time rhythm, gathered together some great musicians, and he was pleased how it all came together quite well in the end. Click below to listen to a clip of the song.


Sonia, from the 16-song CD album entitled Groove Related. As with many musical artists, the song was written because of another person. Jeffrey wrote this for a girl from the neighborhood he grew up in, which he had a crush on. This is a contemporary R&B style song with a little bit of a classical influence in regards to the instruments used behind the melody, such as flute and oboe with jazz overtones. Click below to listen to a clip of the song.

Released in August 2020 is the 10-song album entitled GR2, which is short for Groove Related 2. Like all of his music, the GR2 album has a special meaning behind it including one of it’s key songs. To listen to a snippet of all 10 songs off of the GR2 album, just click the picture below.

GR2, Groove Related 2 Album Cover
Click the picture to listen to a snippet of all 10 songs